An intelligence platform for the future of data

Harness the true power of your data, big and small, by combining, shaping, and transforming it into actionable results for your business.

Logicdrop Studio was created from the ground up to enable today’s savvy business user to design and execute rules without the complexity of code or developers. Put it to work today and learn new ways to do "data" that you never thought possible.

Data Collection System

Collect data from any kind of data source, big or small

Data Insights

Derive powerful insights from simple to create rules

Transform Data

Transform data and perform computations in real-time

Continuous Validation

Continuously provide validation and trigger actions

Get your logic and data working together

Logicdrop is helping companies gain insights, automate controls, and keep dependent business processes running in perfect harmony.

Our platform helps...

  • Automotive companies compute vehicle performance in real time
  • Hospitals analyze patient data
  • Banks and law firms generate compliant documents on demand
  • Marketing firms navigate and distill the customer lead landscape
  • CEOs sleep at night
Logicdrop Platform diagram

Work smart,
not hard

Our web and desktop tools have an easy-to-use interface that lets you connect to any data source and build intelligent systems around them.

  • Explore data and create rules with ease
  • Integrate databases, spreadsheets, big data sets, and more...
  • Create dashboards, reports, and powerful custom applications
Logicdrop Platform topography diagram

Coordinate business workflows
with easy integrations

Logicdrop Studio streamlines the authoring and deployment of business rules within your organization.

Our platform can orchestrate the execution of your rules individually or as a part of your enterprise.

We also support an ever growing number of integrations which make incorporating new processes a breeze.

Logicdrop document template designer

State-of-the-art document
assembly and publishing

Generate documents and reports with templates that capture even the most complex business rules right in the document.

Save your organization time, money and reduce risk by eliminating fragmentation, duplicated work, and the opportunity for errors with unified templates that respond instantly to changes in your data.

Logicdrop Studio supports publishing documents and reports to a variety of outputs, including file systems, email, and external applications.

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